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David Valjean

If family values rule in Iran then God Bless Iran!!! The values of counterculture of the 1960's were the same communist values that the Bolshevik's held during the Russian Revolution. The very idea that ANOTHER culture, ANOTHER civilization is succumbing to the selfishness of the hippie counterculture of "Do Your Own Thing" which destroyed America is more than the world should bear.

The false values of Individualism is why we are so separated from one another, why our elderly die alone and forgotten in nursing homes and our youth go on insane killing sprees of the innocent. Career and material gain are false promises, real happiness comes from being surrounded by those of your own blood, who love you and will be there for you until your very last breath. America did not evolve, it regressed when it adopted the hollow, nihilistic values of the communist counterculture.

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