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Kathleen Huebner

I am a child of the 60s and from Massachusetts. In high school I was president of the young Democrats and campaigned with a vengeance for JFK even though I wasn't old enough to vote. One day when he was traveling from Boston to Hartford on Rt 91, I organized our club to go out and stand on the highway and wait for his caravan. He stopped and I got to shake his hand. I will never for get JFK nor the horrible day on which he was taken from us. I can't help but wonder what he would think of our present day "non-governing, non-effective government and the shutdown". I grew up believing in leadership and that our elected officials were men and (although few at that time0 women were role models. I can no longer say that, with the exception of few. I still hold tight to my ideals. This is one area Jane, in which I RESPECTFULLY, disagree. I admired JFK, even with his faults. I DO remember and I want to remember and I want the youth of today to be exposed to his eloquence and the strength and wisdom he used in making difficult decisions such as the Cuba Missile Crisis. I wish more of our leaders had his brilliance and studied decision making skills. I will watch, I will remember, I will be thankful, and most likely, I will cry for the loss of his leadership to our country.

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